Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about our products?

Are your products safe for the skin?

Our products are certified organic and dermatologically tested. They’re made with natural ingredients and formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reactions. But, there’s no such thing as zero risk. Even natural ingredients can cause irritation for some people. That’s why we suggest you do a quick tolerance test by applying a bit of product to the inner side of your child’s forearm.

Where are your products made?

Most of our products are formulated by our partner in Italy. Our nail polishes are made in France, but aren’t certified organic. Our packaging and shipping materials are also made in the Valence, France region.

Are your products tested on animals?

No, our products and raw materials aren’t tested on animals, of course. Since a new European regulation came into effect on July 11, 2013, animal testing has been prohibited. Since no products sold in Europe are tested on animals, companies are also prohibited from putting this claim on their packaging.

Are your products vegan?

We are working hard to offer more vegan products to our customers, including new products that are not part of our face paint line. However, some of the colors in our play makeup kits are not vegan because they contain carmine, a red pigment derived from the cochineal insect. This is the only ingredient of animal origin in our products.

Are the colors in your products less vibrant than those of conventional brands?

Yes, this is true for some colors because we only use natural pigments for our makeup and face paints whereas other brands use synthetic pigments.

What is the shelf life of your products?

All of our products have a use by date on their packaging. For example, since the colors in all our makeup kits are compacted and anhydrous (contain no water), they have a longer shelf life if they haven’t been opened. However, after the first use (and therefore its first contact with water), a palette is good for up to 12 months. After each use, be sure to allow the powders to dry in open air before putting them away.

How many children does a Namaki face paint kit cover?

This is a hard question to answer because it all depends on the type of design you draw. However, we estimate that an eight-color face paint kit will cover around 50 faces and a three-color kit will be enough for a dozen kids. This certainly gives you enough for a few afternoons of fun!

Have a question about how to use our products?

It’s hard to get the product on the brush and the color is transparent. What should I do?

Our makeup is packaged as anhydrous compacted powders, so they don’t contain any water. To use them, you need to add some water. When the powder is new, you’ll need to work in a bit of water until the pigment attaches to your brush or sponge.

Can your nail polishes be used during pregnancy?

Water-based nail polishes are recommended if you want to wear polish while you’re pregnant because they don’t contain any solvents and don’t release any toxic VOCs (volatile organic compounds). However, since they are made with water, they contain very small amounts of preservatives. Even at this low level, preservatives like phenoxyethanol are sometimes considered endocrine disruptors. This is true of Namaki polishes, as well as all other water-based polishes that we know about.

Are your products suitable for children under three?

There are no contraindications for using our makeup on children who are under the age of three. However, since there are small pieces in the kits, we include a notice stating they’re not for use by children ages 0 to 3. Our products should always be used with adult supervision. But in terms of skin safety, there is nothing to worry about since the products were clinically tested for safety. Remember, though, that the younger a child is, the more sensitive their skin. Since each child may have different reactions and there’s no such thing as zero risk, we suggest testing products on a sensitive area (like the inner elbow) and waiting one to two hours to make sure there’s no reaction.

A milky film has appeared in my polish. Can I keep using it?

Yes. This is a normal chemical reaction called syneresis when the components of the polish separate. Just shake the bottle to remix the contents and you can use the polish as normal.

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How to know the composition of your products?


Your products contain titanium dioxide. Is it dangerous?

Our face paint and makeup products do contain titanium dioxide, which is a natural colorant and opacifier. This is an essential ingredient in organic cosmetics. The controversy surrounding this ingredient is related to its nanoparticle form, which is used in sunscreens to protect against UV rays. In our products, we use titanium dioxide in its traditional form, which is not a nanoparticle, so it doesn’t pose any health risk.

Your nail polishes contain phenoxyethanol. Is it dangerous?

Water-based nail polishes that stay on nails after hands are washed cannot be certified organic or even 100% natural. These are the only products in our range that aren’t organic. However, we’ve kept the amount of phenoxyethanol in our polishes below 1% and at this level, it does not present any risk according to research conducted by the European Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS). At Namaki, even though we knew we wouldn’t be able to make them organic, we chose to develop nail polishes from which we removed as many of the most dangerous chemical products for children as possible.