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Do you have a question about Namaki products?

Our products are certified organic and dermatologically tested. They are made from natural ingredients and have been formulated to minimize the risk of allergy. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as zero risk. Even natural ingredients can cause intolerance in some people. That's why we recommend you carry out a tolerance test by applying a small amount of make-up to the inside of the forearm.

Most of our products are formulated by our partner in Italy. The nail polishes are made in France, but are not BIO-certified. The printing and packaging are also done in France, in the Valence region.

Of course, our products and raw materials are not tested on animals. In fact, this has been forbidden since the implementation of the new European regulation of July 11, 2013. As a result, all cosmetics marketed in Europe are not tested on animals, and as this is mandatory, it is now even forbidden to claim this on packs.

We're trying more and more to offer vegan products to our customers, especially our new products which are not disguise make-up. However, some of the colors in our make-up kits cannot be considered vegan because they contain carmine, which is a red pigment derived from the insect cochineal. This is the only ingredient of animal origin in our products.

This is indeed the case for certain colors. This is because we use only natural pigments for make-up coloring, whereas other brands use synthetic pigments.

All our products carry a shelf-life label directly on the packaging. For example, for our make-up kits, the colors are compacted and anhydrous (without water), so they can be kept for a very long time if not used. On the other hand, after the first use (and therefore first contact with water), a palette can be kept for 12 months. After each use, be sure to let the powders air-dry before storing.

This is a tricky question, as it depends very much on the type of make-up applied. However, we can estimate that around fifty faces can be created with an 8-color kit, and ten or so with the 3-color kits. Enough to liven up a few afternoons of play!

Do you have a question about product use?

Our make-up products are compacted anhydrous powders (without water). To use them, you need to add water. When the powders are new, they need to be worked for a few seconds, so that the powder is impregnated with water and the pigments cling to the brush or sponge.

In fact, water-based nail polishes are recommended for use during pregnancy, particularly as they contain no solvents and emit no toxic VOCs (volatile organic compounds). However, as they are water-based, they contain preservatives, in minute quantities, but which are sometimes considered endocrine disruptors, such as phenoxyethanol. This is true not only of Namaki varnishes, but of all water-based varnishes to our knowledge.

There are no contraindications to the use of make-up on children under 3 years of age. Given the presence of small parts in the boxes, the words "forbidden 0-3 years" appear on the boxes. They must not be used without the presence of an adult. But from a dermatological point of view, there's nothing to worry about, as the products have been clinically tested. Please note, however, that the smaller the child, the more sensitive the skin. As each child may react differently, and zero risk does not exist, we recommend testing the products on a sensitive area (such as the inside of the elbow) and waiting 1 to 2 hours to check for any reaction.

Simply shake the bottle to re-homogenize the contents, and the varnish can be used normally again.

Do you have a question about the ingredients?

Each product has a specific list of ingredients, which is displayed and detailed on each product sheet in the "ingredients" tab.

Indeed, our make-up contains titanium dioxide, a natural colorant and opacifier. It's an essential ingredient in organic cosmetics. The controversy surrounding this ingredient concerns its nanoparticulate form, present mainly in sun creams for its anti-UV action. In our products, it is present in its classic, non-nanoparticulate form, and therefore presents no danger to health.

Water-based nail polishes that stay on your nails after washing your hands are now impossible to certify as organic or even 100% natural. These are the only products in our range that are not. On the other hand, we have made a point of ensuring that the phenoxyethanol content of our varnishes is below 1%, at which level it presents no risk when it is below this percentage according to research carried out by the European Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS). At Namaki, we made the choice to develop varnishes even though we knew we couldn't make them organic, but to remove as far as possible the most dangerous chemicals for children.

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