Recreational cosmetics

for young and old alike

For 10 years now, Namaki has been offering innovative tools to give children free rein, with no compromise on quality, organic or sustainable products.

We aim to make makeup into a place of free expression and experimentation for kids, without any fear or constraint for their parents:

Play with colors

on their face and their body without fear of overflowing.

Transform themselves

as often as they want, into whatever they want.

Have fun

using suitable products for their skin and without risk for the environment.

With products that are as easy to apply as they are to remove, Namaki is make-up for children in all its forms and for all tastes.

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Products that are good for kids and the planet

Suitable for children and safe for parents, our make-up offers a new playground for everyone, every day and for every occasion.

Namaki is where cosmetics and entertainment meet:

  • Make-up becomes a creative, health-friendly exploration activity that complies with the CE toy standard (EN 71-1/2/3).
  • The game is educational and responsible, respectful of the environment and certified organic (COSMOS ORGANIC label).

Choosing Namaki means providing children with eco-responsible reference points, and helping them to grow up as consumers who are ready to meet the challenges facing our society.

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Namaki's vision

"With Namaki, the body becomes a new surface on which to have fun at any time and with ease!"

Marie-Laure Bascoul, co-founder of Namaki