Butterfly Makeup tutorial

Intermediate level ⭑⭑

Fly, fly, pretty butterfly. Thanks to this make-up tutorial, you can transform yourself in just 5 steps and fly away to an enchanted world!

Step-by-step butterfly makeup tutorial

Step 1

Apply pink blush

Take a large brush and dampen it. Pick up some pink blush. Draw two oval shapes around the eyes, from the top of the eyebrow to the cheekbones.

Step 2

Apply purple blush

Use a finer brush. Pick up some purple blush. Draw a triangular shape and a circle between the two eyebrows, to create the butterfly's body and head.

step 3

Apply white blush

Rinse brush. Pick up some white blush. Trace the butterfly's wings around the flat areas of pink.

children's butterfly make-up tutorial

Step 4

Finishing the butterfly wings

Use the large brush again. Pick up the purple blush again. Apply it to the tips of the butterfly's wings. Don't hesitate to blend the pink and purple blushes for a more harmonious effect.

step 5

Finalizing make-up

Use a finer brush. Draw two small antennae with the purple blush, then highlight the tips with pink and turquoise blush. On the white blush forming the butterfly's wings, draw small dots with turquoise blush.

blue trace