Clown Makeup tutorial

Easy level ⭑

Pointed hat, turlututu, awaken your inner clown! There's nothing like a good clown make-up tutorial to help you complete your costume. Ready for a new run around the dance floor? Come on, we'll take you backstage to the funny people.

Step-by-step Clown makeup tutorial

Step 1

Forehead makeup

Take a white pencil. Draw a V from the nose to the hairline. Fill in this area with the pencil.

organic children's clown tutorial
Clown makeup tutorial

Step 2

Apply pink blush

Moisten brush. Apply pink blush to eyelids, eyebrows and top of brows. Color the tip of the nose and lips pink. Take the sponge. Blend the pink blush from the eyebrows up to fill in the empty area on the forehead. Take the opportunity to draw in the pink cheekbones as well.

step 3

Apply blue blush

Rinse brush. Apply blue blush where white and pink meet. Draw a blue curve from the corner of each eye to the corner of the mouth. Gently blend each blue line with the brush.

Clown makeup tutorial
Children's clown makeup tutorial

Step 4

Apply yellow blush

Rinse brush again. Apply the yellow blush to the corner of each eye and form "crow's feet".

Step 5

Draw the final details

Take the green and yellow pencils. Draw small lines at the corners of the eyes to decorate the yellow areas. Take the green hair mascara to color a few strands around the forehead.

namaki clown make-up
blue trace