Harlequin Makeup tutorial

Intermediate level ⭑⭑

Discover our four-step Harlequin make-up tutorial, ideal for completing a colourful disguise!

Step-by-step Harlequin makeup tutorial

Step 1

Drawing the mask

Take a fine brush. Pick up some black blush. Draw a mask around the eyes and two bells at either end of the mask, on the cheeks.

Step 2

Drawing the grid

Rinse brush. Remove white blush. Draw a grid inside the mask.

step 3

Color the grid

Rinse the brush. Pick up the blue blush. Color some of the squares. Alternating colors, fill in the entire grid. Don't forget to color the bells.

children's harlequin make-up tutorial

Step 4

Finalizing make-up

Apply shimmering silver powder over make-up with our magic brush.

blue trace