Lion Makeup tutorial

Easy level ⭑

Become the king of animals with this Lion make-up tutorial! In just two or three brushstrokes, draw a mane and add whiskers to your muzzle to learn how to roar.

Lion's step-by-step make-up tutorial

Step 1

Apply golden blush

Use a thick brush. Moisten the brush. Pick up some gold blush. Paint the entire face, avoiding the eye and mouth areas.

children's lion make-up tutorial

Step 2

Apply white blush

Use a finer brush. Take some white blush. Fill in around the mouth and draw in the whiskers. Draw a white line under each eye.

step 3

Apply brown blush

Rinse brush. Pick up some brown blush. Comb the tip of the nose to draw the muzzle and draw a line down between the nostrils, stopping above the mouth. Draw two thin lines above the eyebrows and add a line under each eye, above the white line. Draw the Lion's "mane" by tracing lines all around the face. Draw dots above the mouth.

children's lion make-up tutorial
children's lion make-up tutorial

Step 4

Finalizing make-up

Apply a Wildlife tattoo to any part of your body.

blue trace