Princess Makeup tutorial

Easy level ⭑

Once upon a time, in an enchanted kingdom, there lived a beautiful princess. With this 3-step make-up tutorial, you'll be ready to reign in beauty!

Step-by-step Princess makeup tutorial

Step 1

Apply turquoise blush

Moisten brush. Pick up turquoise blush. Draw arabesques on the forehead to form the crown. Draw a horizontal line on each cheek, and from this line, draw 3 petals.

princess child makeup tutorial
princess child makeup tutorial

Step 2

Apply pink blush

Rinse brush. Pick up pink blush. Color the inside of the crown arabesques and the petals on the cheeks.

step 3

Finalizing make-up

Rinse brush. Pick up some white blush. Draw a star in the center of the main arabesque. Embellish the other arabesques with small dots. Add glitter to your make-up with our magic gold brush.

princess child makeup tutorial
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