Rainbow Makeup tutorial

Easy level ⭑

After the rain comes the sunshine, and with it a rainbow of colors. Brighten up your day and your face with this step-by-step tutorial.

Step-by-step Rainbow makeup tutorial

Step 1

Draw the rays of the rainbow

Wet the brush. Draw four arcs of different colors around one eye. Start with pink blush, then blue, yellow and red.

Rainbow makeup tutorial
Rainbow makeup tutorial

Step 2

Drawing patterns

Rinse the brush. Take the yellow blush. Draw a small sun in the middle of the forehead. Rinse the brush and pick up the white blush. Draw two clouds: one at the end of the rainbow, the other at the end of the sun.

step 3

Finalizing make-up

Use the black pencil to outline the rainbow. Sprinkle on a little gold glitter powder to make the whole face shine.

Rainbow makeup tutorial
blue trace