Fairy Makeup tutorial

Easy level ⭑

Transform yourself into a real little fairy and explore the enchanted forest! This step-by-step tutorial will take you on a journey through a fantastic world.

Step-by-step Fairy makeup tutorial

Step 1

Draw the crown

Moisten brush. Pick up some pink blush. Draw 5 flower petals on the forehead to form a crown. Fill in with pink blush.

fairy tutorial step 1
fairy makeup tutorial step 2

Step 2

Draw the points

Rinse the brush. Take the purple blush. Draw dots under the crown. Make the largest dot in the middle, followed by smaller ones on the sides.

step 3

Apply green blush

Rinse brush. Pick up green blush. Draw small leaves on each side of the crown, above the eyebrows.

children's fairy makeup tutorial step 3
children's fairy make-up tutorial step 4

Step 4

Enhancing make-up

Rinse brush. Remove white blush. Draw a white line under each leaf to enhance their color. Do the same for the pink petals. Under the eye, add 4 small white lines. Between each purple dot, draw a white dot and surround the center dot with white petals.

step 5

Perfecting makeup

Apply raspberry lip balm for shiny lips.

fairy makeup tutorial step 5
blue trace