Devil Makeup tutorial

Easy level ⭑

Halloween is here, and so are its stream of terrifying creatures ! This devil make-up tutorial will guide you step-by-step to make your child the most devilish little devil on Halloween!

Step-by-step Devil makeup tutorial

Step 1

Apply red blush

Use a thick brush. Moisten the brush. Pick up some white blush. Paint the entire face, avoiding the eye area.

Devil makeup tutorial
Devil makeup tutorial

Step 2

Drawing eyebrows, moustache and beard

Use a finer brush. Take the black blush. Accentuate eyebrow lines. Draw two lines above the lips for the moustache. Draw a small triangle, top down, for the beard. Fill in the triangle with black blush.

step 3

Apply the grey blush

Rinse the brush. Take the grey blush. Draw a thick line on both sides of the face, from the middle of the cheek to the bottom of the lips.

Devil makeup tutorial
Devil makeup tutorial

Step 4

Draw the little horns

Rinse the brush. Take the white blush. Draw a small triangle, with the vertex towards and the base on each eyebrow. Position each triangle towards the inside of the eyebrow. Fill in the triangles with white blush.

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