Warrior Makeup tutorial

Easy level ⭑

Armor, sword... Perfect, but isn't something missing? Of course, your valiant knight forgot his helmet! Fortunately, thanks to this warrior make-up tutorial, you can easily create one for him. Follow us through battle after battle, and you'll see the emergence of a powerful fighter ready to take on the bad guys.

Step-by-step Warrior makeup tutorial

Step 1

Base preparation

Use a large brush or sponge. Dampen the silver blush. Apply all over face.

Warrior Makeup tutorial
Warrior Makeup tutorial

Step 2

Apply blue blush

Take or rinse the brush. Use the blue blush. Draw the eyebrow line. Draw lines on the sides of the nose and under the eyes. Make small waves on the cheeks and either side of the nose. Add vertical blue lines on forehead and chin. Color the lips and blend with the sponge.

step 3

Make your make-up sparkle

Use the orange pencil. Draw a horizontal line under the eyebrows to connect each side of the nose. from each side of the nose. Draw a line to the top of the forehead from each end of the line. Draw a diamond in the middle of the forehead. Fill in. Apply gold glitter powder to the orange lines and diamond.

Warrior Makeup tutorial
Warrior Makeup tutorial

Step 4

Enhance/reinforce makeup

Accentuate each blue line with a stroke of black pencil. Take up the brush and blue blush. Draw vertical lines on the forehead.

Step 5

Perfecting makeup

Rinse the brush. Use the white blush. Dot symmetrically all over the face.

Warrior Makeup tutorial
blue trace